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art by beverly





art by beverly

Creativity is sacred play.

When something is sacred, it holds deep meaning for us. Play allows for openness, for no right or wrong way of doing something.

While it is satisfying to make a tangible object with our hands, the journey of the making is even more valuable than the final piece.


It is how we build relationship with ourselves. 





art by beverly
art by beverly
art by beverly

Spending time with our images, living with them, and opening to receive new insight from them, allows us to understand them and our souls more deeply. 


It is what our soul longs for, what calls to us when we listen deeply.


When we quiet the voices of others, of the world around us, and turn our ear inward this deep longing speaks to us. 


It may begin as a whisper, softly nudging. Sometimes we may be afraid to listen and suppress it.


Often, it becomes louder over time in ways we may not anticipate, until we can no longer ignore it. We can, instead, begin to cultivate our relationship with it, allow it space to call us home. 

When we listen to our soul’s song, it can guide us to what we love most, what brings us joy.


Our soul comes alive and we feel we are where we are supposed to be, doing what we need to do for ourselves. 

art by beverly

Hi, I'm Beverly

When I finally listened to my soul’s song, I found the courage to walk away from a long history of unhealthy patterns and start over to build a life that felt more authentic.


I left my life in the high mountain desert of New Mexico and moved to the coast in Washington. In this new life, I am continuing to follow my longing, my joy, as it grows and unfolds. 


Through a variety of art workshops and community art circles, I will hold space for you to listen within and follow your soul’s song back home to yourself and to a life filled with more joy. 


Art Workshops


Collage Workshop

art by beverly

Meets Online

Single Session/3 hours

Limited to 10 participants


Learn beginning collage and composition skills while experiencing a safe

space to explore and connect with images that speak to your soul.

art by beverly



Meets Online

8 weeks/2 hours per week

Limited to 10 participants


Explore a variety of art media and journaling prompts for building an ongoing 

artistic practice and self-exploration in a supportive creative community.

art by beverly



Meets Online

Single Session/3 hours 

Limited to 10 participants


Each quarter, one book structure designed around a specific theme will be offered.

(Possible Books/Themes: Heart Tunnel Book/Self-Love, Accordion Book/Inner and Outer Worlds,Turkish Map Fold/Map of the Soul, Maze Book/Journey or Path)

*In person workshops coming soon to Seattle, WA! Send a workshop inquiry to learn more.



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book The Life Changing Power of Self-Love

"The Life-Changing Power of Self-Love changes the ground on which we stand—and the relationships in which we live. It invites us to embrace our sacred longing to come home to ourselves. And it shows us the way.

Twenty-two captivating stories from women leaders and healers make a mosaic of wisdom that awakens new possibilities for self-reclamation. As these fierce authors embrace vulnerability, power, gratitude, grief, inner guidance, and even cancer, our hearts and possibilities are expanded by the journeys they take and the stories they tell. Each offers a practice, strategy, or mindset for walking the transformational path of self-love that we can make our own."

— Sage Cohen, Author of Fierce on the Page, The Productive Writer, and Writing the Life Poetic.

Chapter 12 "Collaged Dreams: Creating a Life You Love Piece by Piece" by Beverly LaZar


Are you ready to begin the journey back to yourself?

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