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Beverly LaZar

Meet Beverly

Beverly LaZar is an artist, writer, and teacher. Midwife for the creative process, she holds space for others to know, honor, and love themselves through artistic practice. She has an MA in Art Education, where she studied Image and Imagination with Linney Wix. Beverly has taught workshops with a variety of art media for over twenty years. 


A lover of nature, Beverly enjoys walking in wonder of the world, recording what she sees with her camera or writing in her journal. She’s also at home in the imaginal world, making images as a way to know herself for most of her life. Listening to her favorite music and being near the ocean feed her soul. 


A postcard from a friend and some vivid dreams of orcas planted the seeds of longing for living near the coast. It took over two decades, but Beverly finally listened to her soul’s song and moved to Seattle in 2021. 


Beverly lives with her grown trans non-binary child, their dog, and two cats. She also has a daughter who lives in Tucson for graduate school. Her family and her closest friends make her life more beautiful. 

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